Spike Eur'Open 2 :: 11/05 - 19/07
Spike Eur'Open 2

The Spike Eur’Open is a Blood Bowl 2 party competition, each party composed by 3 coach inspired by Eur’Open/EuroBowl rules. The competition will be resurrection mode so the registered team will not be able to evolve during the tournament, if a coach leave the tournament before the end he cant be replaced by a coach who already play for another team but may exceptionally (1 time only) be replaced by a teammate. Within the same team it is not possible to play the same race several times. The competition takes place in the Swiss round with 5 rounds of 2 weeks and 3 minutes per turn. Stadium Improvements are not allowed, however you can enlarge your stadium. Each team of 3 coaches will face another team made up of 3 coaches, the pairing will be based on the individual ranking of each coach, the highest ranked coach of team A will face the highest ranked coach of team B and and so on. The matches of the first round will be drawn randomly as well as the pairings, then the following matches will be defined according to the principles of Swiss round.

Rank Eur'Open 2


Spike is a Blood Bowl 2 discord bot, you can invite Spike on your server and join his discord server too.

Spike can automatically generate match report for all your leagues/competitions, it allow you to display team overview and scheduled match directly in discord. If you want you can join the project, Spike bot is open source on Bitbucket feel free to fork, contribute or what you want.

Spike was created by Poncho dlv and you can support the project on Patreon.

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